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Don't Bet on Contact Tracing Yet. Keep It Simple

The Wall Street Journal reports that despite the flurry of activity from universities, governments, and startups, solutions built to provide contact tracing for COVID-19 just aren't feasible yet. Issues persist in both the technology needed to accurately track and connect personal activity as well as how to ensure data privacy.

A Few Feet Closer takes a different approach. From the outset, we built TOUCHPOINT to explicitly not collect location data or try to trace contacts. Rather than pursuing a solution that is not feasible, we're creating a solution that lets people take steps toward being safe.

  • Start by building a work environment that makes it ok to raise your hand and say you need to stay home and feel better.

  • Build confidence in the system by making it confidential, private, and non-distracting for people submitting info.

  • As an organization, let others know you're serious about doing your part by letting the community know that you're on board.

  • With more organizations showing up on a registry, customers will be more comfortable going out and will want to do their own part to make businesses know they're looking out too.

The way we see it, community cooperation can defeat COVID-19 more quickly than unproven and intrusive Big Brother technology.

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